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100 Day Fat Burner

100 Day Muscle Builder

There’s their way, or there’s your way. Built from long established sport science principles, made truly personal using a key ingredient – your DNA, the 100-day Fat Burner programme is made for you, and only you.

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You're not the average person, so why follow the average advice? Using the world’s first and only proven genetic training algorithm, the 100 Day Muscle Builder uses unique insights from your own DNA to tailor you programme on the most personal level possible. .

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Choosing how to train is hard. Making the right choice is even harder.

With hundreds of new fitness platforms appearing every day, you need all the help you can get the make the right choice for you.

Using our genetic algorithm, underpinned by independent and peer-reviewed scientific research to guide and personalise the way we approach training.

Can't get to a gym? No problem. Each daily workout has the option to be performed at the gym or at home. The at home workouts are built around bodyweight and dumbbell movements.


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Order your DNAFit kit today and we'll get your kit sent out straight away. Use our simple saliva test at home (or anywhere!) and send it back to our UK laboratory - we take care of the postage. *

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We analyse your sample at our laboratory and generate your reports in only 10 business days from receipt of your sample.

Your 100 Day Plan Begins

Using our easy to understand actionable reports, we help you refine your exercise plan to pursue your goals, whatever they may be.

Please remember, genetics is only one part of the training picture, so we never overstate the application of genetics in the real world. The value comes from understanding your genetic profile in conjunction with your goals, lifestyle and environment – the whole picture, that is why we use your genetic data, specifically our peer-reviewed power/endurance response algorithm, to tweak and adjust these training plans, with the foundation of well-used and researched sports science principles.